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About S1075

S1075 (formerly S1041) is a multi-state team of engineers, scientists and economists from leading U.S. land grant universities and government research centers. It focuses on research and dissemination of knowledge related to the science and engineering for a biobased economy. An annual meeting provides the opportunity to showcasae student and faculty research, brainstorm ideas for future research and collaboration, and network with colleagues.

S1075 objectives:
Develop deployable biomass feedstock supply knowledge, processes and logistics systems that economically deliver timely and sufficient quantities of biomass with predictable specifications to meet conversion process dictated feedstock tolerances.
Investigate and develop sustainable technologies to convert biomass resources into chemicals, energy, materials and other value added products.
Build modeling and systems approaches to support development of sustainable biomass production and conversion to bioenergy and bioproducts.
Identify and develop needed educational resources, expand distance based delivery methods and grow a trained work force for the biobased economy.

Additional S1075 information