USDA NIFA Supplemental and Alternative Crops (SAC)
This program supports projects that lead to expanded adaptation and increased acres in the U.S. of canola grown for oil and industrial hemp grown for value added products. Grants supports the breeding, testing, and development of superior performing canola and industrial hemp varieties and production practices that result in improved cost efficiencies, reduced grower risks, and wider use in production systems. Research results and technology developed are expected to be rapidly transferred to producers and other users through effective extension outreach and other engagement efforts.  |  Details

Ohio EPA 2021 Market Development Grant
Part of the Recycling & Litter Prevention Grant program, these grants can be used for equipment or infrastructure for Class II composting facilities that accept food wastes. Applicaitons due February 5, 2021 at 5 pm. Learn more:
 -  Webinar on January 7 at 3 pm (EST): Click here to register
 -  Contact: April Stevens | 61.644.3786 | 
                  Marie Barnett | 614.705.1019 |

USDA NIFA AFRI Sustainable Agricultural Systems (SAS)
NIFA seeks creative and visionary applications that take a systems approach for projects focused on the themes in the USDA Science Blueprint: (1) sustainable agricultural intensification; (2) agricultural climate adaptation; (3) value-added innovation; and/or (4) food and nutrition translation. These projects are expected to significantly improve the supply of affordable, safe, nutritious, and accessible agricultural products, while fostering economic development and rural prosperity in America. These approaches must demonstrate current needs and anticipate future social, cultural, behavioral, economic, health, and environmental impacts.The 2021 program has multiple programs. Total and project funding and proposal deadlines vary by priority area.  |  Details