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Hemp Bracket, Rounds 1 and 2  | COMPLETED | Click on titles below to watch the replay! 
-  Chemistry and Testing of CBD Hemp | Craig Schluttenhofer, Central State University
Insect Control for Hemp | Luis Canas, Ohio State University
-  Growing Hemp for Fiber or Seed | Craig Schluttenhofer
-  Overview of Hemp in Ohio | Brad Bergefurd, OSU Extension Educator and Horticulture Specialist
Ohio Tri-State 2019 Hemp Research Update and Hemp Production Do’s and Don’ts | James Morris, OSU Extension Educator
-  Plasticulture, drip irrigation and fertigation for CBD Hemp Production | Brad Bergefurd

GROWING HEMP in OHIO: Separating Fact from Fiction  |  January 24, 2020 |  OSU Wooster Campus
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Ohio Department of Agriclture (ODA) Hemp Program
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USDA Hemp and Farm Programs
-  Overview of federal rules and crop insurance, click here
Ohio Farmers Hemp Cooperative, click here

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PROBE, the Program for Bioenergy and the Environment, is an interdisciplinary research and outreach program to facilitate:

INVESTIGATION on the conversion of agricultural crops and animal productin residues, food, and bio-processing wastes to energy, fuels, and chemicals.

COLLABORATION of Ohio State University faculty and students to prepare proposals, develop processes for the production of biofuels and bio-based products, and provide educational and outreach opportunities.

DELIVERY of research results to academia, industry, government agencies, and the general public via workshops, seminars, and tours.


  1. Growing feedstocks for the bioeconomy

    Workshop to focus on bioprocessing

    Aug 20, 2019

    Registration is open for the Advanced Biosystems Workshop, “Bioprocessing and Commercialization,” set for Sept. 10 in western Ohio. Featured will be six presentations by industry and university experts on topics related to bioprocessing, the turning of biological materials—farm crops, for example—into useful and possibly commercial products.  Read more